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About CCMC

Cricket Canada Masters Council (CCMC) is the home of senior's cricket in Canada. We are the map for all senior's cricket activities from the age of 40 and up. Our aim is to provide a platform where seniors can continue playing cricket, thus maintaining a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. At CCMC, we recognize the importance of seniors' involvement in sports and we are committed to promoting the game of cricket among seniors in Canada. Our services include organizing cricket tournaments, providing coaching and training, and promoting healthy competition among seniors.

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CCMC History

Cricket Canada Masters Council (CCMC) was founded in 2019 by members who attended the inaugural Over 50's World Cup tournament that was held in Sydney, Australia in 2018.

Since then we have accomplished the following activities:

  1. 2019 Created the first masters league in North America. The Ontario Masters League (OML). Started with 4 teams which was won by the Scarborough Scorchers.

  2. 2020 Participated in the Over 50's World Cup in Cape Town, South Africa. Unfortunately this was curtailed by Covid-19

  3. 2021 Hosted the Tri-Nations tournament between Canada, USA and West Indies which was won by the West Indies.

  4. 2022 Both Over 50's & 60's team participated in the Houston Cup hosted by USA. Canada Over 60's won the the 60's tournament.

  5. 2022 Over 50's participated in the West Indies Big Man Competition which was held in Barbados.

  6. 2022 Placed 4th in the inaugural Over 60's World which was held in Brisbane, Australia.

  7. 2023 Competed in the 2022 Over 50's World Cup which was held in Cape Town, South Africa. This was the completion of the the tournament that was curtailed by Covid-19 in 2020.

  8. 2023 Hosted Australia, England and USA in the Canada Over 60's Cup which was held in Mississauga, Ontario. Joint winners were Australia & England due to weather conditions.

CCMC will be sending 4 teams to World Cup events in 2024.

  • Over 40's to South Africa.

  • Over 50's to Sri Lanka.

  • Over 60's to India

  • Over 70's to England

Dates to be confirmed.

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Canada vs USA Over 60 Finals (305).JPG

Founding Members

Brian Rajadurai

Farooq Kirmani

Dean Fernandez

Vishan DeMel

David Mohammed

Rohan Jayasekera

Vince Correia

Roy Singh

Shantha Jayasekera

Ravi Ravishankar

Rudy Gibson

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