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“Cricket Canada Masters Council (CCMC) mandate is to promote and develop senior’s cricket in Canada. Our aim is to provide seniors with a platform to continue playing thus creating a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.”

Updated: Sunday, November 1, 2020



Cricket Canada Masters Council is a federal registered nonprofit organization whose sole mission is to develop and promote senior’s cricket in Canada. CCMC is presently governed by an appointed board of five executive directors and appointed/elected representatives from the various provinces. We at CCMC will always promote multiculturalism, diversity and inclusiveness in Canada. Cricket Canada Masters Council (CCMC) was given the mandate by Cricket Canada the national body responsible for all form of cricket in Canada to oversee, promote and develop senior’s cricket in 2019. The aim of CCMC in collaboration with Cricket Canada is to promote the game of cricket specifically at the senior’s level with the hope of creating a healthy and active lifestyle in Canada. What started out as a bunch of players returning from the inaugural World Cup has now exploded to include all senior cricketers in Canada. We are striving to get seniors who played the game of cricket involved on the playing fields, in administration, coaching and mentoring. Cricket continues to keep seniors active, healthy both physically and mentally.

CCMC Vision

CCMC vision for the future will incorporate seniors at every level of this game whether it is on the playing field or in administration. Cricket in Canada can and will benefit from the experience of seniors. We can still play a vital part in all areas of cricket.  We aim to have the senior cricketers involved in coaching and mentoring the next generation whether at school, club, provincial or international levels. There is enough talent and knowledge that can be utilized. Provide the senior cricketers with the opportunity to become qualified coaches and umpires. This will allow for all to benefit from cricket in Canada. We aim is to provide assistance to any seniors or junior players where possible.


 CCMC So Far

With this vision in place the first organized senior’s league in North America was set up in the Greater Toronto Area. With the assistance of the Toronto District Cricket Association, the 2019 Canada Masters League was a huge success. A senior team was selected for the Over-50’s World Cup which was held in South Africa. The tournament was suspended to 2022 due to the COVID-19. Canada will once again be taking part.

CCMC Presently

CCMC is currently working on expanding the senior’s cricket to all the other provinces so we can have the best players available for selection to represent Canada in the following tournaments: 

  • Over-40’s World Cup.

  • Over-50’s World Cup.

  • Over-60’s World Cup.

  • Over-70’s World Cup.

  • International tournaments that involves other nations.

CCMC Future

CCMC is working on the following initiatives. While some may seem unattainable we will continue to strive to make it a reality.  CCMC will be working in collaboration with all provincial cricketing body to promote and develop senior’s cricket in Canada.  All senior’s leagues MUST be registered with their local provincial body. Establish senior’s league in all provinces.  Organize inter-provincial master’s tournaments. Host provincial trials for national team selection. Canada bid to host the Over-50 World Cup in 2024. Provide assistance to seniors and upcoming junior cricketers. Engage seniors at all level of cricket (coaching, mentoring, administration, etc.). With this goal in mind we have developed a national policy that includes every province in Canada. This will be used to promote and support all forms of senior cricket in Canada.


Senior’s Cricket Seniors cricket shall refer to all cricket over the age of 40 years which includes the following:

  1. Over 40’s cricket

  2. Over 50’s cricket

  3. Over 60’s cricket

  4. Over 70’s cricket

All players must attain the age indicated above by January 1st of the year that the tournament is being held. ALL senior’s cricket is a self funded activity until further notice. We at CCMC will work to reduce the cost to players and officials from various fund raising activities.


CCMC National Executive Committee

The national executive committee will oversee all aspects of senior’s cricket in Canada. All provincial body will report to and abide by the ruling of the national executive Committee. CCMC will be governed by an executive committee which will also include a member from each province with regards to decision making.

The executive committee will consist of the following positions:

  • Director 1 – President/CEO

  • Director 2 – VP/Operations

  • Director 3 - Finance

  • Director 4 - Records

  • Director 5 – Cricket

  • Alberta Senior’s Representative

  • British Columbia Senior's Representative

  • Manitoba Senior’s Representative

  • New Brunswick Senior's Representative

  • New Found Land Senior’s Representative

  • Nova Scotia Senior’s Representative

  • Ontario Senior’s Representative

  • Prince Edward Island Senior’s Representative

  • Quebec Senior’s Representative

  • Saskatchewan Senior’s Representative


CCMC Provincial Executive Committee

Provincial senior’s cricket can be overseen by the existing provincial cricket board or by a provincial executive committee appointed/elected to do so. While having the board run senior’s cricket is feasible, it is recommended that a provincial executive committee be appointed/elected to promote seniors cricket only. This way the commitment to promoting and developing senior’s cricket will be the committee’s main objective. In the case of provinces where the number of senior players does not warrant their own executive committee, then the provincial cricketing body can be responsible for administration of Seniors Cricket in that province and must meet all criteria as outlined below:

  • The provincial cricketing body/designate will be responsible for promoting and governing senior’s cricket within the province based on the guidelines of the national policy.

  • Each province will be governed by an appointed/elected or designate committee who will be responsible for all decisions with regards to senior’s cricket in that province within the guidelines of the national policy and rulings.

  • The provincial executive committee will consist of the following positions:

    • President

    • Vice President Operations

    • Treasurer

    • Secretary

    • Cricket Coordinator

  • Each province will be responsible for paying a yearly membership fee to CCMC. This membership fee IS to be used solely for funding of national and international cricket tournaments. National tournament includes inter-provincial and trial games. o International home and away tournaments.  This yearly membership fee will be $25.00 per player. Subject for review in the future. Within each province there may be more than one master’s league but each league will have to be registered as member under the provincial CCMC body.

  • League registration fee will be determined by provincial executive committee.

  • Each province will be responsible for selecting players to represent their provinces at a Provincial Championship. This championship will showcase players who would be eligible for selection.

  • All players in the leagues must register with the provincial CCMC body and pay their registration fee to be considered for provincial and national selection. This fee can be paid separately or included in league fee subject to the discretion of the provincial executive committee.

  • All players must participate in 50% of CCMC approved league games to be considered for provincial’s trials.

  • Promotion of senior’s cricket can be but not restricted to developing senior’s league(s) in the province.

  • The provincial selection committee MUST be independent of the provincial executive body. Appointment of this provincial selection committee will be left to the discretion of executive body but must be representative of all seniors of that province.

  • Provinces without senior’s league will consider a player for selection as long as that player is registered with CCMC and participates in at least 50% of a provincial sanctioned league.


Tournaments & Games

We are committed to getting seniors out on the playing field whether it is a competitive or friendly game. Our aim is to get seniors playing for as long as they want to. While there will be the competition (leagues, tournaments) we will also have the friendly matches that is designed to get seniors participating for fun and exercise.

  • Tournaments

    •  National

      •  League Games (Over 40, 50, 60, 70)

      • Inter-Province fixtures (League Championship)

      • Provincial Trials  Provincial Championship (Home & Away)

    • International

      • World Cup fixtures

      • Home & Away fixtures

      • Various International Tournaments

    •  Games

      • CCMC select versus touring teams

      • CCMC select versus local masters teams


National Team Selection

The National Executive Committee is responsible for:

  • Appointing and announcing the Selection Committee.

  • Communicating with selectors on upcoming tournaments dates.

  • The dates by which team are to be selected.

  • Providing selection criteria.

  • Providing a list of players that are not eligible for selection for any reason.

  • Reviewing and approving teams prior to announcement.

  • Suggesting changes if in the opinion of the Board, the selectors have not fulfilled their mandate outlined in this policy.

  •  Approve Selection Committee’s nominations of Captain/s and Vice Captain/s prior to it being announced.

  • The independent national selection committee will be made up five (3-5) representatives from the various provinces. This committee will be determined prior to the event.


Selectors Appointment & Role

The principal role of the National Selection Committee is to select teams to represent Canada that will:

  1. Maximize Canada senior’s team chances of winning each game or series.

  2. Guarantee the long-term success of Canadian senior’s cricket. 

  3. The national executive committee is responsible for the appointment of the national selection committee.

  4. The composition of the selection committee shall be:

  • Selection Chairman.

  • Selectors must include the coach of the team being selected.

  • Three (3) additional selectors will be from the various provinces as determined by the national executive committee.

  • The Executive Committee shall have the authority to appoint new selectors when incumbents become unavailable.

Qualifications of Selection Committee Members

  • Possess sound cricketing knowledge.

  • Has outstanding administrative, organizational and communication skills.

  • Cannot be an executive who is currently appointed at the national or provincial level.

  • CANNOT be a player vying for selection.

Selection Committee Chairperson

  • The selection chairperson will be appointed by the national executive committee from the selectors.

  • Will be responsible for documenting all records during selection process and meetings.



Selection Committee Responsibilities 

  • The national selection committee is responsible for selecting the squads to represent Canada seniors (men/women) at any international tournament as requested by the national executive committee.

  • The selection criteria for the best team based on legal residency status, age, fitness and performance.

  •  Attend regular season matches and practice to review player performance.

  • Review fitness levels of players with the coach and physiotherapist on an ongoing basis.

  • All selectors shall attend regular season matches.

  • Trial games and provincial tournaments shall be attended by all selectors.

  • Inter-provincial tournaments shall be attended by at least one selector (excluding the coach).

  • All selection must be approved by the national executive committee.  Selector can provide recommendations for updates to the national executive committee.

  • Each selector shall report to the election committee with regards to the performance and evaluations on each player under consideration in his/her region.

  • The coach and physiotherapist shall forward performance/fitness data of each player in existing squads to the selection committee.

  • The coach, tour manager and attending selector shall report to the selection committee the data and performance of each player from every tour or tournament.

  • Player performance from each tour or tournament shall be discussed by the selection committee and a record kept.

  •  Agreements on availability must be obtained from the players prior to making final selections.

  • Selectors are NOT to communicate any selection for any tournament/game without prior approval from the national executive committee.

  • Teams are announced by the Tour Manager after receiving approval from the national executive committee.


Player Selection Criteria

The selectors will consider the following when selecting players for Canada squads/teams:

  • ALL players must be registered with Cricket Canada Masters Council (CCMC).

  • ALL players must have played at least 50% in a CCMC league/tournament. If no CCMC senior’s league available in that province the player must be registered and playing in league sanctioned by CCMC.

  • Performances will be based on club competition, championships or interprovince tournaments and trial games.

  • Physical fitness based on program set by physiotherapist.

  • Players must accept the tour participation agreement.

  • Contribution to the team environment, including general attitude and behavior.

  • All players must be in good standing with club, league and provincial body.

  • No member of the touring team’s MANAGEMENT shall be included as a playing member.


Manager Selection

  • Manager’s appointment will only be done at the discretion the national executive committee.

  • Managers are appointed as required.

  • Managers are appointed for individual tours/tournaments.

  • Managers will be reviewed after each event.

  • Managers can be removed or replaced at the discretion of the national executive committee.


Manager’s Role

  • The manager must represent CCMC interests at all times.

  • Create a team environment in which players enjoy their team membership and represent CCMC with credit.

  • The manager’s role is to assist the team coach in preparing the team for matches.

  • Liaise with CCMC over assembly, travel and accommodation arrangements.

  • Assist the team coach to organize practices and matches and attend both.

  • Ensure all players are aware of travel arrangements and meeting times.

  • Assist the team coach at coaching sessions.

  • Be responsible for off field discipline and conduct e.g. dress, language, general behavior.

  • Liaise with players and tour management with regards to all logistics.

  • Being knowledgeable about your sport and the rules of competition.

  • Providing effective and timely communication to all relevant organizations and individuals.

  • Ensure the appropriate speeches and thanks are made.

  • Assist the team coach in preparing for games and provide coaching assistance where required.

  • Attend all after match functions.

  • Ensure that all electronic and manual team reports are submitted.

  • Submit tournament/match report to CCMC.

  • Submit receipts for any dinner allowances or any other allowances authorized by CCMC in addition to any authorized expenses that require reimbursement.

National Coach Selection

  • The coaches’ appointment will only be done at the discretion the National Executive Committee.

  • Coaches will be appointed for all tournaments/games.

  • Coaches will be reviewed after each event.

  • Coaches can be removed or replaced at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


 Coach’s Role

  •  Has a clear vision for the senior’s program.

  • Has Clarity of Purpose – ‘What are we aiming to achieve. Where are we going?’

  • Knows what it takes to perform – identifies gaps in performance

  • Can align planning and plans to player objectives.

  • Has the capability to have honest and clear conversations.

  • Have an understanding of player’s cultural, spiritual, and physical wellbeing.

  • Identify and empowers players to perform in their roles. Helps develops players and team with self-sufficiency.

  • Create an environment of enjoyment and fun in coaching and practice.

  • Have a clear structure and purpose for each practice sessions.

  • Have a coaching plan that incorporates technical and tactical components and allows for a feedback processes.

  • The coach understands the individual, and coaching is player centered and based on the learning, development and performance needs of the player.

  • The practice session(s) allow the players to be self-reliant and have ownership of their own game.

  • Able to adapt session(s) in the moment as circumstance may require.

  • Provide selection committee with report based on players training performance prior to selection.


National Physiotherapist Selection

  • The national physiotherapist appointment will only be done at the discretion the national executive committee.

  • National physiotherapist will be appointed for all tournaments/games.

  • National physiotherapist will be reviewed after each event.

  • National physiotherapist can be removed or replaced at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


National Physiotherapist Role

Has a clear vision for the senior’s program based on age requirement.

Create a program designed toward each age group.

Help individuals and team meet the fitness level as determined for each program based on age level.

Work with players to have them physically fit to play so they can maximize their effort for the benefit of the team.

Provide player’s reports to the coach, management, selection committee and national executive committee on any issues that would affect the team performance.

All reports must be presented prior to team selection.

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